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We believe that a concise curriculum is a key factor for effective learning. Our curriculums are designed specifically for each instrument and for all skill levels as well as being tailored to each individual student’s needs. It is just as important to have a solid curriculum for a beginner as it is for an advanced player.

You will find only top of the line drums, hand drums, cymbals, mallet instruments, and hardware for students to use. Each of our studios contain two complete drum sets (Yamaha, DW, Pearl, and Mapex), cymbals (Zildjian, Sabian, and Paiste), metronomes and click tracks, recording capabilities (students can have their lessons recorded) and a professional sound system.

The hand drum curriculum helps the student develop the various hand techniques, and playing styles to be used on congas, bongos. djembe, etc…
The mallet curriculum helps the student develop all the various techniques needed for xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, and bells.
The drum set curriculum is designed to develop coordination in conjunction with hand and foot techniques. This gives the student the ability to play various styles on the complete drum set.
The snare drum curriculum focuses on all the techniques to develop reading, hand control, and the understanding of rudiments.