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This program develops the studentís knowledge of the entire drum set; we have classes available for ages seven thru adult consisting of all skill levels.

1Introduction to 4-way independence which includes linear,     and layered drumming
1Students begin to learn how to be creative in     developing endless ideas on the set for grooves and or solos
1Double bass drumming concepts
11Developement of the Moeller Technique

1Introduction to transcribing rhythms for the drum set

Continue style studies of rock, funk commercial, jazz,     Brazillian, Cuban and World Beat rhythms
Continued developement of the Moeller Technique
Continue  4-way independence studies which includes     linear, and layered drumming
Continue to work with time keeping skills by working with a     metronome and click tracks
Learning how to solo and working with the ostinato
Working with students on developing personal creativity on     the set and playing along to pre-recorded tracks
Advanced motions around the set utilizing 4-way coordination
Continue to transcribe rhythms for the drum set

Solo courtesy of Chad Wackerman   


Care and tuning of the instrument (including snare, tom toms,     and bass drum)
Proper positioning of the drum set
Development of good hand and foot technique
Style studies for the drumset; rock, alternative, funk,     commercial, gospel, etc...
Develop time-keeping skills by working with a metronome and     click tracks

Style studies - students can pick from various styles such     as rock, funk, commercial, jazz, Brazilian, and World Beat etc…
Enhance time keeping skills by working with a metronome and     click tracks
Learn to develop motions around the set