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Here we focus on techniques for mallet instruments from around the world including; Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, Bells, etc...

1Intermediate theory and harmony
1Orchestral repertoire and interpretation
1Continue developing time- keeping skills by playing with a     metronome or click track

Advanced Reading and Solos
Continued studies of four mallet techniques
Orchestra Repertoire and interpretation
Advanced theory and harmony
Enhance time keeping skills by playing with a metronome or     click track

Proper Hand technique and sound development
Basic reading with two mallets
Major and Minor Scales (one octave)
Major and Minor Arpeggios (one octave)
Development of Rolls
Basic Theory and Harmony
Develop time-keeping skills by playing with a metronome or     click track

Intermediate reading and solos with 2 mallets
All scales (two octaves)
Arpeggios (two octaves)
Introduction to four mallet technique